About Us

Let Us Introduce Ourselves 


Who We Are?

At Eds Pcs Computer Store Morayfield, we are committed to repairing your damaged iPhone, iPad, Laptops, PC, and even Mac computers. We are obsessed with gadgets and gizmos. Eds Pcs computer store is a trusted leader for repairing all iDevices, laptops, and computer in Morayfield area. Our experienced technicians are trained to provide you reliable solutions for your damaged devices.

Being superior technicians in repairing iPhones, iPads we understand how important your devices are for you and hence we provide the most ideal solutions for our customers. We provide in-store repairing services on most of the devices. In case if you are not able to visit the store we provide onsite repairing services as well. We provide same day service in that scenario as well. Because we value your time.

At Eds Pcs Computer Store we have very friendly technician staff that will never have you a sense of dealing with bots. We have serviced thousands of customers across the country and they know the value we provide.


How Long It Will Take To Eds Pcs Computer Store To Attend A Booking?

We at Eds Pcs Computer Store value your time and know the importance of your devices for you. That’s why we provide same day service even on onsite repair solution. In rare cases, it can take us the next day and about that we will update our customers always.


Do You Get A Quote Before Service?

Always. We provide our customer verbal quote of the repair requirements their devices have and also let them know about the cost it includes. So that they have a sense of what they are getting into before investing their money and how much time it will take us to repair your device.


Affordable Repair

We match prices if you find somewhere cheaper iPhone, iPad, Computer repair, or Mac repair repairing services. We provide affordable and competitive repairing price.


Genuine Parts

Cheaper services don’t mean that we don’t care about the quality. We always make sure that our customers get top-notch replacement parts and reliable repairing services that won’t let you look back suspicious to your devices after repairing. Whether it is broken a iPhone or iPad screen, battery replacement, or laptop keyboard issue, we always make sure that you get genuine parts replacement.


Always Available For You

We at Eds Pcs Computer Store always strive in for our customer service and use this method to our formula to success. We are just one phone call away with our onsite service that also includes one day service. We strive in to provide you with the best available service.


How To Contact Us

As mentioned above, we are just one call away to you. You can call us at 07 5347 9380, email @ morayfield.edspcs@gmail.com, or book at Request Repair inquiry here!