There are might be many situations when your phone gets in contact with the liquid. Someone by mistake put water on it. You jumped in the pool and actually forgot it was in your pocket or any you yourself slipped a glass onto it. It might be a very sad situation when your phone gets wet. You really don’t know what to do and feel like lost in the first place. You might first think to find out a solution for it online.

Let us discuss the steps to be followed when the phone gets wet:

Step1: Remove the Battery

First and foremost, take the phone out of that water thing. Now, when the device is not submerged you may take the battery out. Don’t even switch it off just take the battery out. In case you have an iPhone or any other device it is not at possible to pry apart so you will have to carefully power off the device. Getting iPhone repair is in itself a tedious task.

Step 2: Dry Your Phone

Once you have removed the battery, make it stand upright so as to allow excess water to drain. Then another thing should be to dry your phone as well as the battery with a clean, dry cloth. You need to dry your phone as soon as possible because if the moisture evaporates, chances of corrosion increases that would damage the phone. Please make sure not to use a hairdryer as that heat can fry your phone from inside. You can, in that case, opt for a can of compressed air or even a vacuum cleaner. This is basically done to push or pull the moisture out along the same channels it had entered. You can probably do the same to get your iPad repair.

Step 3: Use a Desiccant

The third step would be to use a desiccant in order to wick away any of the leftover moisture. The best way would be to use uncooked rice. You can leave the phone submerged in a bowl of grains the whole night. If you are really worried about that dust getting inside your phone, you can also use packets of silica gel. Another smartest option would be to keep synthetic desiccants on-hand. They are known to be less messy and rather work faster as compared to the rice method.

You can collect these desiccant packets. As and when you see a loose desiccant packet in a box along with a new pair of shoes or a hard drive or shipment of spices you may pull it out and save it. What you can do is dump all of them into a plastic or glass container that as per you has an air-tight seal. Once you have a collection of these, you always have an emergency phone-rescue pod ready to go.

The most important in any case would be to avoid the heat. This means avoid using hair dryers, ovens, microwaves or even extended periods in direct sunlight. Though heat would evaporate the moisture it would also warp components as well as melt adhesives. Because of the fragile glues, you might have to avoid dunking the phone in rubbing alcohol.

Also, in case your phone gets soaked in salt water, you need to make sure to flush the whole thing in fresh water before it dries. As and when salt evaporates, it does leave behind the crystals that can damage a phone’s fragile components. Just make sure that you remove the battery before the device is flooded.

Following these tips might help you survive the damage to your phone. But, in case it doesn’t get ok it would be the time to buy a new handset.

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